Nick Wilder

Let Me Have My Son

Here you get some insights into the film “Let Me Have My Son”.

Nick sent me a few photos he took during the filming. It shows him with a few actors who also worked on the film.

Official Teaser

Here is the trailer and a few photos, which I am allowed to use and show with kind permission from the official side. Many thanks to Sabine McDowell, co-producers of the film. The plot of the film is a semi-autobiographical, emotionally charged story about a father whose son suffers from a serious mental illness.


The film was shot from February 2020 to October 10, 2021 in Mexico and Minnesota, USA for Messenger Films. The screenwriter and director is Cristobal Krusen, who also plays the role of the father, Benjamin Whitmore sr. Already in 2007 was published the novel Let Me Have My Son that Cristobal Krusen wrote, through the experience and the lived with his firstborn son Daniel.

It must be said, unfortunately, that it is a very topical subject that people do not like to talk about openly. But the eyes should not be closed, considering that in the USA alone now every 5 children suffers from a serious mental disorder.