Nick Wilder

The Musician

Nick loves music and even more to play it himself. As you probably know, he plays harmonica, guitar and ukulele. He also sings, which he does really, really well. So on this page I will introduce you to the musician.

Maybe some of you know the German movie “Jammertal”, in which Nick plays the main role of the chief inspector Robert Tuchowski. But he didn’t only play the main role, he also sang the title song “Out of my mind”, which was written by a good friend of him, the country singer Jason DeShaw he also played the harmonica, which you can hear here.

Here is a small clip of a jamsession Nick did with the moderator Ingo Nommsen from the German morning show “Volle Kanne” a few years ago.

Nick has played a lot of music on the MS Amadea and has put a lot of heart into it. Just watch him when he plays and sings. I think you will see what I mean.