Nick Wilder

About me

My name is Mel and I’m in charge of the content of this fan-page.

I am, like Nick, from northern Germany and I was born in the year he became a windsurfing world champion.

I still live in my hometown Bremerhaven and I earn my living as a commercial clerk.

When I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I like to read or pursue my other passion, photography. I also like to travel, whether it’s across Germany or beyond.

The fan page

Now you are probably wondering how I came to create a fan-page for Nick?

Like most of you, I’ve seen him on TV from time to time and I grew up with the popular and well-known advertising icon “Herr Kaiser”. Also, I couldn’t miss Nick as the ship doctor “Doc Sander” on Germany’s longest running TV-show “Das Traumschiff”- the German version of the American “Love Boat”.

One day I decided to browse the internet to find out more about Nick and I noticed he had a Facebook page which mentioned that he had written a biography, so I thought, after consulting a friend, why don’t I send a friend request and see if he accepts. Thankfully he did and we have been in contact ever since.

Through our discussions, I decided to order his book and provide him with a full and honest written review about it.

I have to say that the book was beyond what I had imagined, whereby Nick took me on his roller-coaster life journey to where and who he is today. I actually had to stop myself from reading it all in one go. It is that good!

So, from that we got to “talking more” and I asked him, “Why don’t you have a Fanpage?”

We then wrote back and forth for a while, whereby I sent him suggestions on how to design a website so that other people, friends or fans like myself can go to and keep up to date with what he is doing. Nick loved the idea and gave me the green light saying: “If you enjoy doing that, then I’d love for you to do it.”

From him giving me the “go ahead”, things moved pretty quickly and the development of the Fanpage was born and our exchange of ideas was very pleasant because the two of us are kind of on the same “wavelength.”

(Nick, I’m just saying that now, but I stand by it because I feel that way! At this point, once again, my heartfelt thanks for your trust!)

But enough of me.

I want you to browse around and enjoy what I have created. This will be an evolving Fanpage and it will be updated accordingly with the latest news and projects that Nick is involved in, as well as new fabulous pictures.

Please feel free to drop me an email if you want to know more about the page, provide feedback or have any questions or suggestions on how we can make this the best Fanpage ever.