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Nick plays Vincent Cassatt the widower and father
of Violet who was played by Victoria “Tori” Archer.

Living Colors is a drama and shows that grieving is really not easy and can
cause big problems. It divides people from each other and so there is a gap
between Violet and her grieving father Vincent after the early and tragic death
of her mother / wife. In her depression Violet takes refuge in painting
following her mothers footsteps much to her fathers chagrin. Behind his back
she has applied to a university for art and received acceptance. Naturally
trouble is inevitable. Painting however seems to be a completely unexpected way

Worth knowing
This is a short movie just over 20 minutes that was shot in Springdale and
Hindsville in the state of Arkansas. The release date in the US was October 15,
2017. The production company behind this project and implemented is Vero 8
Productions. The screenplay was written by Alicia Hayes who also directed and
was a producer. It’s not available in German, but Nick took the trouble to add
German subtitles and uploaded it to his Vimeo page.

The film was shown at several festivals and won 8
awards and got 4 nominations.

Here is a link where you can see a list with the awards.

My opinion
If you want to see Nick in a completely different role where he is not
necessarily the nice guy next door, or the son-in-law I can only recommend this
short movie. That is what you mean by acting so an artist can show what is in
him and how versatile he is.