Nick Wilder


On this page I will post podcasts that Nick has participated in. Some are produced in German and some in English laguage.

Nick was guest at Big Sky Boneheads with the hosts Michael Grey and Scott Hirschi, talking about the last best place and his life. Enjoy!

Nick was guest an the radio station Suedtirol 1 and had a great talk with Sarah Bernardi about his book, future plans and so much more.

Nick on Monique Menesi’s German „Muttersprache – Der USA Auswanderer Podcast“. There is a lot of his memoirs in this talk which came out in German December 1st, 2020. The English version is in the making.

Nick was a guest at the podcast of Andrew Nelle from “My Sorta-Rican” and at the end you will hear Nick playing harmonica blues!

©Andrew Nelle

Christine and Nick were guests at the “Local Helena Podcast” and talked about their “Ting”.

Nick on Petra Lindenschmidt’s German Podcast from
Enjoy while listening.