Nick Wilder


You will always find some exciting videos here. Some of them will be in German, English or even in Danish. But we will try to have them for you with English or German subtitle. There will always be a corresponding note in which languages they are available.

Here is a little teaser with English subtitles for the project “The Very Moment”. It was shot in Berlin in 2022.

To kick off the new Bundesliga season, Hannover 96 released this clip. In the almost three-and-a-half-minute clip, the club, in cooperation with its partner Xylem, tries to make clear how important it is to protect water as a resource.

The clip was created about 2 months ago and Nick is grateful that he was able to participate in it. It was something new for him and he had a lot of fun doing it. Watch the clip and make up your own mind.

Thanks to Nikolay Georgiev, who did an excellent job directing and producing this important issue.

On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of this homepage, I made a little video.

Christine and Nick both have a big heart, and they show it again and again. Also here in Essen on the Carolinenhof, an equestrian farm where children and young people with physical and mental limitations are helped with the different kind of riding therapies. Both of them were ambassadors there for two years and when you look into the beaming faces of the children, then you know. It was worth it! Thank you Christine and Nick this is so wonderful!

This song was written by Daniel Blake Smith, produced by Andrew Nelle who also played the guitar, drums, bass and did the master track. Nick is the one with the harmonica of course. And this collaboration across the pond was possible through a new app called “BandLab”.

Nick plays together with the bar manager of the MS Amadea his Ukulele with his 5-string Ukulele he got from Hawaii. Such an amazing song!

Want a little jam session? Nick was on the TV show “Volle Kanne” with Ingo Nommsen.

“Out of my Mind” is the title song of the German movie “Jammertal”. Sung by, of course, the good Nick and he also plays the harmonica. The song was written by his friend, the country singer Jason DeShaw especially for the film.

A look behind the scenes on the set of HVIDSTEN GRUPPEN, a Danish film about a resistance group during the second world war. German/ American actor Nick Wilder is playing the hated head of the German Gestapo “SS-Sturmbannf├╝hrer Eugen Schwitzgebel”. The film is the most watched and most successful in Denmark and achieved the Audience Award at the Hamburg Film Festival.

Nick is always out with his camera taking pictures and recording videos. After that he conjures up his own little movies to entertain us. Check out his Vimeo page. There are very cool videos up!