Nick Wilder


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15 entries.
Richard Opper wrote on 19. October 2022
You did an incredible job setting up Nick's Fanpage! It is so well laid-out, it's easy to navigate, it portrays Nick in the best possible (although entirely accurate) light, and the site itself is quite visually appealing. Also, I'm Nick's writing partner in the Father Love project, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time, insight and expertise you put into your edits of the manuscript. You are a very talented woman, and I'm grateful for all your help!
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hi Richard,
Thank you so much for your kind words and your entry here at the guestbook.
I had and still have a lot of fun doing this. I´m glad I could help a bit around Father Love (of course I know your name 🙂 ). It´s a great and important story. I hope it will have a great success.
Sabine McDowell wrote on 5. February 2022
Tolle Fanseite!
Das machst du wirklich ganz toll, Mel!
Man hat das Gefühl, den Nick richtig zu kennen.
Danke für die super Fotos und Anekdoten.
Keep up the good work!
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Vielen lieben Dank Sabine! Es freut mich sehr, dass die Seite den Menschen Nick näher bringt und so gefällt.

Liebe Grüße,
AL HEUER wrote on 30. March 2021
Hello Mel,

First of all, I want to thank you for your hard work and for putting your heart on Nick’s fan page. I am always happy to see when people help each other. Also, I loved the idea of bringing people together. This website will allow us to express our admiration for Nick and to stay connected.

Honestly, for me Nick is a gentleman and a beautiful caring person. One clear example, is when he is busy and finds time to see how I’m doing. Thank you Nick, for being present for your family, friends, fans and for the people that needs you. God bless you Cowboy.

Thank you once again Mel. Especially for taking your precious time on doing the website and helping Nick.

Greetings from Florida,

Hola Mel,

Primeramente, quiero darte las gracias por tu duro trabajo y por poner tu corazón en hacer la página web de fans para Nick. Me da mucha alegría cuando la gente ayuda a otras personas. Además, me encanta la idea cuando la gente se une. Esta página web nos va a permitir expresar nuestra admiración hacia Nick y estar conectados.

Honestamente, para mi Nick es un caballero y una persona bondadosa. Un claro ejemplo, es cuando está muy ocupado y encuentra tiempo para saber cómo estoy. Gracias Nick, por estar presente para tu familia, amigos, fans y para la gente que te necesita. Dios te bendiga Vaquero.

Nuevamente gracias Mel. Especialmente por tomarte tu tiempo valioso para hacer la página web y en ayudar a Nick.

Saludos desde Florida,
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello Al,

Thank you for your kind words. I´m always glad to see when people like what is happening up here.

Yes Nick is really a gentleman and caring person. He is down to earth and is absolutely a great and wonderful guy.

With Nick´s help I´ll try to update this site as often as I can with all the great things that are happening in Nick‘s life, so that I can keep you, his friends and fans updated about his upcoming projects.

Greetings from Germany,

Hola Al,

Gracias por tus amables palabras. Siempre me alegra ver que a la gente le gusta lo que ocurre aquí.

Sí, Nick es realmente un caballero y una persona cariñosa. Tiene los pies en la tierra y es un tipo absolutamente genial y maravilloso.

Con la ayuda de Nick trataré de actualizar este sitio tan a menudo como pueda con todas las grandes cosas que están sucediendo en la vida de Nick, para poder manteneros a vosotros, sus amigos y fans, informados de sus próximos proyectos.

Saludos desde Alemania,
Ursula and Chris wrote on 17. February 2021
Hi Mel
Excellent website you have created, keep up the great work and best of luck with the website.
We met Nick and Christine on a cruise a few years ago, what a great couple they are. I just finished reading Nick’s biography – an amazing book which I can only recommend. Now I am looking forward to the English version.
All the best
Ursula and Chris, Logan Lake, Canada
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello Ursula,
hello Chris,

thank you so much for your words here with this entry. It´s so easy doing this website because it´s so much fun and the work together with Nick is wonderful.
I can only agree cause of his biography. I´ll read the English version too.

Best greetings,
Mel from Germany
Jennifer and Mark wrote on 14. February 2021
Hello Mel-

Fantastic job on this fan page. You have done a beautiful job on capturing the Nick we have come to know.

We were strangers to the Ting before we entered its magical gates. The welcome we received was like no other and felt like we’d known both Nick and Christine our whole lives.

Nick continued to surprise us with his laughter, intelligence, warmth, enthusiasm and handsome ways. He has become a dear dear friend. He lives life large and that translates into his acting career. He personifies the character he is portraying to perfection.

Christine simply smiles and the world become a warmer place. Her love of life and people is amazing. Her generous heart is so large. She has many angel like qualities. She too is an incredible actress and has also become our dear dear friend.

We are so honored to know the author Nick and what a phenomenal story he is sharing with us all. We will continue that connection because it is life long and genuine. “Life IS Wilder than you think” !!!!

Jennifer and Mark Lifelong Tingers
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Dear Jennifer and dear Mark,
thank you so much for your wonderful words. I´m happy that this page showing the Nick you know that makes me really happy. I know about your story and it´s really awesome!

Nick I only know via phone till now (we´re working on a personal meeting) but I feel close to him. Also I talked to Christine for a short moment and it was wonderful. Both of them so heartwarming.

And I can agree to 100% "Life is WILDER than you think"!!!

Take care and my greetings to you,
David Clancy wrote on 13. February 2021
Nick is an absolute legend. I've stayed with him multiple times at the Ting. We've shared amazing moments together in South Africa and in Montana. So cool to see this website up and running. Look forward to many more adventures soon!

Cheers Nick!
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello David,
thanks for your words. I hope too that there will be more adventures for you and Nick!
Wishing you an amazing day!

William Carlos Reyes wrote on 10. February 2021
Hey, I just came across this site. This is fantastic! I've been a big fan of Nick ever since I met him in Germany for a premiere of a collaborative film. I'm glad I can stay in the loop with what's going on in his artistic endeavors!
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hi William,
welcome here! Thanks so much for your words. I´m pretty sure Nick will be so damn happy about it! Come back the next weeks time to time. So many stuff will happen here.

Greetings from Germany,
Andrew Nelle wrote on 5. February 2021
I recently interviewed Nick on my podcast, as I'm sure his fans know already, Nick has led an incredible life! Author, wind surfer, musician, actor, the list goes on and on! It was my honor and great pleasure to have Nick on the show! Here is the link to the interview!

Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hi Andrew,
thank you for sharing the link. Shortly after you posted your greeting , Nick sent it to me and I've already listened to your podcast. Great!

Sending you the best greetings from Germany,
Sven Doornkaat wrote on 2. February 2021
Just found your awesome new website and wanted to wish you best of luck. Had the honor to do a few photoshoots with Nick who is a terrific guy. He deserves a fanpage like this! Cheers from SoCal, Sven
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello Sven,
thank you so much for your kind words. Your pictures are amazing! Greetings from Bremerhaven, Mel
Sayed Badreya wrote on 2. February 2021
Love the page. I work with Nick on my 1st film in Hollywood, Stargate, a great guy. Very happy to see he has a book out. Sayed Badreya, California- USA
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello Sayed,
I remember your words for Nicks book very well and that was the first moment I had my first smile on my face while reading.
All the best,
Daniel Blake Smith wrote on 2. February 2021
A real Renaissance man, Nick Wilder is a terrific actor, musician, bon vivant, and host at the remarkable TING in Montana. Best yet, he'll be playing Sheriff Frank Eaton in my new western film, STEEL, which we hope to shoot this summer!
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello Daniel,
I agree with you. And I hope and keep my fingers crossed that you can shoot your western film. I know Nick is very excited about this project.

Best of luck!
Asher wrote on 2. February 2021
A great actor and a great man! Best of luck with the site. - Asher from Georgia, USA
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello Asher,
thanks so much! I hope it all will work with all the ideas we´ve in our minds. But I think this will be something really great!

Greetings Mel, from Bremerhaven, Germany
Karl Fix wrote on 2. February 2021
Finally we can follow a most interesting and unique man !! Greetings from Canada
Karl Fix wrote on 2. February 2021
Now be able to follow a very unique man 👍🏿 !! Greetings from Canada
Admin Reply by: Mel Schulz
Hello Karl!
There will be more to come!
Greetings Mel
Frank H. wrote on 2. February 2021
This is a very cool site for a very cool actor!